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  • ForecastingWeatherquest provide detailed weather forecasting services for clients in many different sectors including: agriculture, insurance, broadcast and print media, wind energy, ports, sport and winter gritting.
  • DataMany clients require weather conditions now or in the past, applications include insurance claims, legal and environmental consulting reports, energy efficiency assessments and media stories.
  • ConsultancyWeatherquest meteorologists can provide training and consultancy advice for a wide range of business and leisure applications.

Weatherquest is a privately owned weather forecasting and weather analysis company based in Norwich and located on the University of East Anglia campus.  We can provide a wide variety of bespoke weather products to large corporations and individuals alike. If you or your business is affected by the weather you should talk to us about how we can save you valuable time and money.

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2019-02-16 21:50:00 UTCLatest Temperatures

  • East England
  • UK
  • Europe
  • World
Boston 10°C Norwich 10°C
Ipswich 9°C Peterborough
King's Lynn 11°C Sleaford 11°C
Lincoln 11°C Southend 6°C
Luton 9°C Stansted 9°C
Mildenhall 11°C Thetford 11°C
Aberdeen 8°C Exeter 8°C
Belfast 10°C Glasgow 11°C
Birmingham 10°C London 10°C
Bristol 9°C Manchester 11°C
Cardiff 9°C Newcastle 10°C
Edinburgh 11°C Stornoway 9°C
Amsterdam 5°C Paris 8°C
Athens 8°C Prague 1°C
Berlin 4°C Rome 6°C
Copenhagen 6°C Stockholm 6°C
Geneva 1°C Vilnius 0°C
Madrid 7°C Zagreb -1°C
Bangkok 27°C Nairobi 19°C
Beijing -5°C New York 6°C
Cape Town 19°C Sao Paulo 20°C
Dubai 22°C Singapore 27°C
Mexico City 28°C Sydney 25°C
Moscow 1°C Tokyo 5°C

UK weather

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Sun 01:00
Sun 04:00
Sun 07:00
Sun 10:00
Sun 13:00
Sun 16:00
Sun 19:00
Sun 22:00
Mon 01:00
Mon 04:00
Mon 07:00
Mon 10:00
Mon 13:00


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