Phil Garner
Company Secretary and Meteorologist

Phil has been a Meteorologist for all of his working life, joining the Met Office from school, but has had an interest in the weather long before that. Living in various parts of East Anglia through much of his childhood, he gained an awareness of the way the weather affects the countryside, and like many of his colleagues relished the extremes of weather, and can even remember back to experiences as a child in the winter of 1963.

Phil has worked as a Meteorologist in various parts of the country, in roles as diverse as weather observation, forecasting, and working with the transmission and quality control of weather information, and has also been lucky enough to work overseas in Germany and in Cyprus. It is as a forecaster that he gains the greatest work satisfaction, although he also represents Weatherquest on Accountancy, IT provision, and has also helped to run training courses for the sailing fraternity.

Away from work, Phil has a keen interest in all things aviation, and enjoys gardening and watching football. He is married, with two grown children.