A company focus is to participate in and support research that underpins product development, helps us to better appreciate client needs and which contributes to the continuous professional development of our staff.

Having our headquarters at the University of East Anglia facilitates this important activity.

Our current research collaborations, led by Innovations Director Steve Dorling, include:

  • Supporting the River Wensum Demonstration Test Catchment (DTC) work on diffuse agricultural pollution mitigation (www.wensumalliance.org.uk)
  • Collaborating with the John Innes Centre (www.jic.ac.uk), with Elsoms Seeds (www.elsoms.com) and with Bejo (www.bejo.com) on the Defra/BBSRC LINK project (HL0197) “Controlling Supply Quality and Waste in Brassica Vegetables: Understanding the genetics of maturity to breed varieties in response to changing climate.”
  • Assisting with PhD research undertaking by Ruth Bryant at JIC, supervised by Chris Rideout (JIC) and Steve Dorling, on the impact of weather and climate on “yellow rust” and “take-all” in wheat.
  • Co-sponsoring, with the Natural Environment Research Council, NERC – the PhD research of Chris Steele on the impact of sea breeze circulations on the offshore wind energy resource.
  • Supporting the PhD research of Nick Earl on the climatology of extra-tropical cyclones, funded by the Worshipful Company of Insurers (www.wci.org.uk).
  • Helping with the logistics and planning associated with UEA’s School of Environmental Sciences (www.uea.ac.uk/env) fieldwork activities.
  • Researching the environmental conditions associated with line convection severe weather events.
  • Assisting many undergraduate and Masters students with the research dissertations.


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Steve Dorling

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