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Getting involved at WeatherQuest can take many forms, from weather correspondents to internships or permanent full-time roles. 

Our offices are in the award-winning Enterprise Centre on the University of East Anglia campus. The UEA is a vibrant workplace and offers a full range of amenities for its staff and students, including the state-of-the-art Sportspark and the LCR, a popular concert venue.

Internship opportunities at WeatherQuest are most commonly awarded to UEA students studying Meteorology or Computing Sciences.  We have hosted the following types of placement:

  • Summer placements for undergraduates who, most commonly, are going into their final year of study
  • Year in Industry placements for undergraduate students enrolled on a Year in Industry degree programme
  • Professional Development internships for PhD students in Meteorology, Met-Ocean or Data Science.

Even if there are no suitable vacancies, we still invite you to send your CV and cover letter explaining your interest in working for WeatherQuest.
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