Chris Bell
Forecasting Director

Originally from the Houston, Texas area Chris joined Weatherquest in 2005. He studied Climatology at Louisiana State University and worked for the Louisiana Office of State Climatology. During his time at LSU he spent one year studying Meteorology at the University of East Anglia as part of a study abroad program. He went on to complete a Master’s degree in Operational and Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State University where he also worked for the Mississippi State Climatologist and taught physical geography to first year students at M.S.U. After his time in Mississippi, Chris and his wife, whom he met while at the UEA, decided to move back to England to start a family.

Along with his role as a Forecaster and Director of Public Relations at Weatherquest, Chris is also an associate tutor at the UEA teaching part of the Weather Forecasting course and can occasionally be seen as a fill-in weather presenter on BBC Look East.

Chris has had a lifelong passion for weather and remembers wanting to be a “weatherman” when he grew up from a very early age. He is also a storm chaser and has been on many trips to the Great Plains of the United States in search of severe storms and tornadoes. He has experienced several hurricanes. If you would like him to give a talk to your group about his storm chasing experiences or being a weather forecaster, please feel free to contact him. You can follow Chris on Twitter @stormbell.