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Stay safer and be more proactive using WeatherQuest’s forecasting services

Will the rain cause the going to change from good to soft today?

Is lightning a risk on the golf course this afternoon?

Will it be too windy for my marquees?

WeatherQuest has over two decades of experience supporting horse racing venues, golf courses and outdoor events with forecast advice and climatological information. Our team of experienced meteorologists and weather consultants use the latest forecast models and highest resolution historical data to provide weather information tailored to meet the specific needs of your event.

The UK’s largest racecourses put their trust in the support provided by the Weatherquest team: Newmarket, Aintree, Cheltenham …, please contact us to discuss how we can help you too.

Sports and events


EventQuest is an online weather portal designed to help organisers make confident decisions leading up to and during events.

The latest weather information and an associated management system are accessible through an intuitive user interface.

Our helpful team are also here, by phone or online, to discuss your event and help you prepare for all the weather eventualities.

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