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WeatherQuest recognises the benefits of integrating our industry-leading weather data and information into your own Management Systems.

WeatherQuest can feed forecast, live and historical weather information over the internet in real-time, including WMS layers, via a secure API or sent securely via SOAP/WSDL, SFTP or SCP.

The API and data feeds can call on spatial data overlaid in OpenGIS® Web Map Service applications or location-specific data for display in table formats.


WeatherQuest has many years of experience building and supplying secure data feeds to clients for integration into Management- and Decision-Support Systems.    

For example, our data feeds are being integrated into leading Marine Management Systems developed by our partners in the Offshore Wind Energy sector, helping provide a one-stop-shop of critical information for windfarm construction and operations and maintenance, maintaining safety, enhancing productivity and optimising use of resources.

In the water industry, meanwhile, our live data is being incorporated into decision support systems which help with the interpretation of alarms and the management of wastewater, resulting in improved efficiency and environmental protection.

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Whichever your industry sector and your application, we’ll make it easy for you to ingest our weather data through 1-to-1 assistance, standardised data protocols and comprehensive supporting documentation.

Artificial Intelligence

At WeatherQuest, we are forward-thinking and innovative and embrace new technologies and practices to stay at the leading edge, maintaining the quality of our output and the usefulness of our services.

Our innovations in Analytics include developing and applying algorithms and statistical models to help reveal weather-related effects from patterns in data. We combine our weather data with our client’s data and subject matter knowledge to reveal new insights, co-design new weather-related indices and support smarter decisions.

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