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The WeatherQuest Team are involved in R&D and related innovation through Innovate-UK funded projects which we partner on and through the research which members of our team undertake in their roles at the University of East Anglia (UEA).

Having our base at UEA means we can regularly join R&D seminars led by UEA- and Visiting-Scientists, keeping us up to date on the latest weather and climate thinking.

Agriculture, Horticulture and Viticulture

Partnering on the Innovate-UK project IUK 34299: “BerryPredictor: Improving harvest forecasts, yield predictions and crop productivity by monitoring and optimising zonal phytoclimates in covered strawberry production”.

Partnering on the Innovate-UK project IUK 102647: “Improving consistency of yields and quality of large-scale and smallholder bean production in Kenya by precision management of soil, water and pathogens”.

Co-Authoring papers, including the recent “Climate change projections for UK viticulture to 2040: a focus on improving suitability for Pinot noir” in the OENO One journal.

Weather Science

Improving our ability to forecast fog continues to be a focus for members of our team, at home and abroad, in partnership with the Met Office and with the current funding support of the Weather and Climate Science for Services Partnership (WCSSP-India) programme:

Fog trends in India: Relationships to fog type and western disturbances”.

Sub-km scale numerical weather prediction model simulations of radiation fog

Meanwhile, Thunderstorms and Lightning risk are also a specialism for WeatherQuest’s Scientists:

A regional lightning climatology of the UK and Ireland and sensitivity to alternative detection networks

“A comprehensive review of datasets and methodologies employed to produce thunderstorm climatologies

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