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WeatherQuest welcomes the opportunity to provide training support for our clients.

At WeatherQuest we are passionate about providing our clients with the highest quality weather information and forecasting services. In addition to delivering accurate and reliable weather information, we take great pride in training our clients on using our products and interpreting and understanding the weather.

The team at WeatherQuest understands that weather can be a complex subject, and it can be challenging for clients to manage uncertainties in a weather forecast. That’s why we take the time to support in-person and online learning, helping our clients to gain a deeper understanding of the weather and the many ways it impacts their business. We call this being weather-savvy.

WeatherQuest’s training programs are designed to be informative, engaging, and interactive. The company’s team of meteorologists are skilled educators and communicators. They use various teaching methods to help clients learn about the weather: interactive presentations, hands-on training, and 1-to-1 coaching sessions.

Training experts

Our training experts, Chris Bell and Prof Steve Dorling are lecturers at the University of East Anglia and have years of experience teaching meteorology and giving invited talks.

We can lead training sessions at your location or host the training at our headquarters at the University of East Anglia, taking advantage of the excellent training facilities here. Training sessions can also be run virtually/online.

Real Data

WeatherQuest has partnered with the East Coast College, Lowestoft, UK, to design bespoke training packages for marine coordinators, offshore engineers and marine pilots as part of their East Coast Energy Training Academy.

The training package uses East Coast College’s excellent facilities. Using historical weather conditions to simulate dangerous weather events, the training helps attendees by raising awareness, testing response procedures and reviewing risk assessments. WeatherQuest recognises the importance of decision-making on days when the forecasts are close to working limits, and the training focuses primarily on these scenarios. The programme also includes basic meteorological training to help enhance understanding of weather forecasts and how to make the most of our “speak to a forecaster” and “weather briefing” services.

Risk Assessing

We also have experience leading training sessions during our client’s Health and Safety Days. For example, past sessions have focused on lightning risk and included a basic understanding of thunderstorms and lightning detection networks. This highlighted the importance of using calibrated, professional lightning detection networks vs freely available amateur networks widely found online. The training also focused on ‘preparing for’ and ‘reacting to’ days when thunderstorms are forecast to develop rapidly and overhead with very little lead time.

Training topics and benefits

Training topics include accessing, interpreting and getting the most from our services, weather-related risks and impacts, and the science behind weather forecasting. The training enables our clients to capitalise on our services fully, maintaining safe working environments while minimising disruption and maximising productivity in the face of ever-changing weather. Our IT staff are also pleased to assist, remotely or in person, to facilitate the seamless integration of any of our data and services into your systems

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