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There is not a single industry on the planet that has not been affected by the weather and its impact on cost and productivity metrics within organisations.

To meet today’s business challenges, businesses must be supported with the best weather and climate data.

The team at Weatherquest, an SME weather forecasting analysis company based in Norwich and located on the University of East Anglia campus, helped make this happen through their support of the digital innovation Amey Utilities / Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) collaborative project.

Weatherquest advised on which of their data sources were most suitable to the project application and went on to provide past and present weather data to the team remotely via an API.

The Virtual Engineering Centre used the data to develop a specific project algorithm to help feed the intuitive customer decision-making tool developed in the project. Enabling the VEC’s client Amey Utilities to use the intuitive web-based customer decision-making platform to make real-time observations and business decisions – ultimately saving time and money.

Ian Gooch, Chief Information Officer at Weatherquest, said:

“As weather professionals, we feel an obligation to help people wherever we can. Though we cannot control weather events, we can use our resources to help our technical partners at Virtual Engineering Centre, use our data to gain deeper insight into how upcoming weather will likely affect people’s businesses and lives and help them make more informed decisions about how they can prepare and respond. We can achieve more through collaboration with our partners and other HEIs.”

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