Off to the EGU General Assembly!

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Dan Smith, Research Meteorologist, taking part in EGU General Assembly

Later this April one of our Research Meteorologists, Dr Dan Smith, will be heading to Vienna, Austria, to take part in the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly conference. The EGU is one of Europe’s leading organisations for Earth, planetary and space science research, and has over 19,000 members from across the continent. Publishing a wide range of journals and organising meetings, education sessions and outreach activities, they aim to advance fundamental research that addresses key socioenvironmental challenges.

Each year they hold a General Assembly, a large week-long conference which encourages members and non-members to take part in the different programme groups available. There are main disciplinary sessions which cover topics decided by each different scientific division, transdisciplinary lectures, debates, short courses as well as education and outreach workshops all on different days throughout the week. Two main subjects, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences are of interest to Dan who splits his time being a Research Meteorologist with WeatherQuest and being a Researcher at the University of East Anglia (UEA). Some of the sessions in these subjects include:

  • Numerical Weather Prediction, Data Assimilation and Ensemble Forecasting
  • From mesoscale Convection to Convective-Scale Predictions: Advances in Process Modelling, Observations, Data Assimilation and Machine Learning
  • Forecasting the Weather
  • Subseasonal-to-Seasonal Prediction, Processes and Applications
  • Modelling and Measuring Snow Processes Across Scales
  • Aviation Meteorology, Nowcasting and the use of UAS for Atmospheric Sciences
  • Precipitation: Measurement, Climatology, Remote Sensing and Modelling
  • Clouds, Aerosol, Radiation and Precipitation interactions
  • Oceanography at coastal scales: Modelling, Coupling, Observations and Applications
  • Observing and Modelling the Imprint of Meso- and Submesoscale Dynamics
  • Open Session on Coastal and Shelf Seas
  • Eddies, Waves and Instabilities: Observing, Modelling, and Parameterizing Oceanic Energy Transfers
  • Observing, forecasting, and projecting the Global Coastal Ocean (CoastPredict)

Aside from this, Dan is presenting a poster in the “Aerosol Emissions and Properties, Ice Nucleating Particles, Cloud Processes and Radiative Feedbacks: From Observations to Modelling” session, linking to his research at UEA. By having Dan on the ground heading to these sessions, it helps keep us up to date on the current science, gives us ideas on how we can improve all our services, and whether there are any areas of research we could investigate. We look forward to hearing what Dan will learn from this trip!

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